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Florida International University – Banyan Research Institute on Dissemination, Grants, & Evaluation

FIU-BRIDGE is a multidisciplinary prevention research institute devoted to the design, implementation, and evaluation of community-based prevention and brief intervention strategies for reducing risk behavior problems and enhancing wellbeing among youth. The group’s research and applied endeavors have focused on school- and community-based health promotion, particularly among individuals at-risk for alcohol or drug use problems, STIs, and/or antisocial behavior.  FIU-BRIDGE researchers have received over $30 million in previous extramural support from the National Institutes of Health, SAMHSA and private foundations. FIU-BRIDGE’s home institution, Florida International University, is a large, urban, public, and is a federally accredited minority-serving institution (MSI), and the seventh largest university in the U.S.  FIU-BRIDGE represents a university-community partnership between Florida International University and Banyan Health Systems.

Banyan Health Systems is comprised of a related group of behavioral and primary health service providers that share a deep-seated commitment to excellence in consumer services and operations. It includes Spectrum Programs, Inc., Miami Behavioral Health Center, Inc., Banyan Health Systems and Banyan Community Health Center.

The FIU-BRIDGE leadership team primarily draws from clinical and developmental psychology, social work and public health, with an emphasis on community-based research on health promotion/disease prevention. Moreover, FIU-BRIDGE investigators have a longstanding interest in underserved groups (e.g., Hispanics/Latinos, Native Americans) and addressing health disparities among these groups.

Research on how to most effectively prevent and treat primary health, substance use, or mental health challenges in community settings crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries and requires multidisciplinary research and knowledge application approaches. FIU-BRIDGE emphasizes a biopsychosocial, mixed methods (i.e., both quantitative and qualitative) research approach, and is intended to encompass multiple disciplines including social work, psychology, public health, information science, medicine, education, music, hospitality and tourism, dietetics and nutrition, occupational therapy, nursing, economics, and sociology.


  • Community-Based Research on the Prevention and Treatment of Health, Substance Use, and Mental Health Problems among Children and Adults
  • Co-Occurring/tri-occurring Disorders, Treatment Research and Design, School-Based Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
  • Community-Based Research; Community-Based Health Promotion and Disease Prevention


The overarching goal of FIU-BRIDGE is to expand the breadth and depth of innovative, rigorous community-based research on the prevention and treatment of primary health, substance use, and mental health challenges and their comorbidity among children and adults. Our ultimate goal is to improve the health and well-being of under-represented, under-served, at-risk populations; i.e., mitigate health disparities.


(1) aggressively develop and submit innovative, large-scale, highly competitive research proposals that capitalize on the opportunities provided by the partnership between FIU and Banyan

(2) expand extramurally-funded projects focused on community-based health promotion and disease prevention among the populations served by Banyan and other community service providers

(3) meaningfully contribute to the advancement of knowledge on improving the prevention and treatment of health, substance use, and mental health problems, particularly among under represented minority youth.

(4) support and train undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral students in research and applied, community-partnered, careers in health promotion and disease prevention.